Tai Chi & QiGong Class Location:
                  2366 Fassel Ave, Burlington, ON
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Regular Tai Chi & QiGong Programs:

    Traditional Yang Tai Chi 85 Form 傳統楊式太極八十五式
    QiGong Excercises  健康氣功

Other Tai Chi programs:

    28 Yang Tai chi Demonstration Form - 28 楊式大極套路
    13 Yang Style Tai chi Short Form - 13 楊式大極套路
    24 Simplified Yang Tai Chi Form - 24 楊簡化式大極
    42 Tai chi Form - 42 式竞賽大極拳套路
    16 Yang Tai chi Demonstration Form - 16 楊式短套大極
    13 Poetic Postures Broad Sword Set - 13 楊式太極刀
    67 Moves Straight Sword Set - 67 楊式太極劍
    Tai Chi Push Hands  太極推手

QiGong Health Exercises:

    Wu Xing QiGong 5 Elements  五行氣功
    Baduanjin Qigong  八段錦氣功
    Yi Jin Jing QiGong  易筋經
    Wu Qin Xi QiGong  五禽戏氣功
    Liuzijue Qigong (Six Healing Sounds) 六字訣氣功
    Meditation & Relaxation QiGong  靜功
Tai Chi & QiGong 太極及氣功

Traditional Yang Tai Chi

Yang Tai Chi or Yang Tai Chi Chuan is the most widely practiced Tai Chi style worldwide today. Many Tai Chi masters, Sifus and practitioners have contributed to promote this life-time treasure.

Yang Tai Chi is highly regarded for its graceful, slow, even, and circular movements, which have great benefits for health, both externally and internally.

Our Yang Tai Chi Style form followed the lineage of Yang Tai Chi founder Master Yang Luchan to Master Yang Chengfu and onto Master Fu's family.

Our Tai Chi classes practice the Authentic Traditional Tai Chi Long Form which is composed of 85 movements. in addition to Yang Tai Chi, our classes also teach QiGong and Tai Chi warm-up exercises including standing post, relaxation, balancing, ascending, descending, opening, closing and breathing moves.

QiGong or Chi Kung or  Chi Gung 氣功

The origin of this ancient Chinese exercise "QiGong" could be traced as far back as 4000 year ago. Wikepedia defines QiGong "a practice of aligning body, breath, and mind for health, meditation, and martial arts training. With roots in Chinese medicine, philosophy, and martial arts, qigong is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (chi) or what has been translated as "life energy".

Practicing and mastering QiGong enable a practitioner to reach a higher realms of awareness, discover the inner true nature of human potential.

QiGong can be grouped into Quiet QiGong 静功 and Movement QiGong 動功. Quiet QiGong involves mediation, relexation, breathing, concentration and power of mind to direct internal Energy "Qi" througout merdiian paths inside a person's body. Movement QiGong in various forms and disciplines also involves all the above with additional co-ordination of slow flowing movements, deep rhythmic breathing and colaboration of mind.

Qigong is now practiced throughout China and worldwide for recreation, exercise and relaxation, preventive medicine and self-healing, complementary and alternative medicine, meditation and self-cultivation, and training for martial arts

Benefits of practicing both Tai Chi & QiGong

It is generally believed that practicing both Tai Chi and Qigong at the same time is most benefitial for health and martial arts training.

For more information about Tai Chi & QiGong, please visit our HISTORY page.
Health Benefits  健康益處

Tai Chi is suitable for all ages, from minors to seniors, who enjoy significant improvements both physically and in mind relaxation. Tai Chi has also been recognized as one of the best exercises for body balance.

Tai chi is also a form of art expression in its beautiful slow movements. Some view Tai Chi as a beautiful and graceful Oriental dance, while some see it as a defense martial art form, while still others see Tai Chi as health therapy. Tai Chi also offers an excellent venue for social activities.
2014 Events

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Some Events Highlights
2013-14 Fall-Winter Tai Chi Group &
Graduation Celebratory Lunch Pictures

LEUNG's TaiChi Group members taking group pictures at the end of the 2013-14 Fall Session.

Tai Chi & QiGong Members and families enjoying and celebrating lunch at completion of the Tai Chi/QiGong Session

Some members missed the above events due to weather or were away

More 2013-14 Events

LEUNG's Yang Tai Chi members & families
joined & demo at HRCCA Summer Picnic - July 2013

LEUNG's Yang Tai Chi members joined Dancescape
at Burlington City Hall and joined Fit In the Core demo:
"danceTONE Fitness, Yoga, QiGong and Tai Chi"

Leung's Yang Tai Chi joined Dancescape at Civic Square, Burlington

Our group demonstrate both 5 Elements QiGong and 16 Yang Tai Chi Short Form


danceScape presented "FIT IN THE CORE" in conjunction with the Burlington Downtown Association. Thanks to everyone who turned out for a fun morning of fitness. danceTONE QiGong (Tai Chi) is a fusion of Ballroom, Latin Dance-based stretching, toning and medium impact cardio with traditional Chinese QiGong(Tai Chi) exercises. The program blends Western and Eastern World Music and Movements and to give you fun tools to relieve you of stress, while keeping you fit physically and mentally.

Presented by danceScape's Robert Tang & Beverley Cayton-Tang, former 3-time Canadian & 2-time North American Amateur Ballroom Champions, and Tai Chi group from Leung's Yang Tai Chi.

News Flash 快訊

    2014 Tai Chi & QiGong Spring Session Beginners Class
       graduated in June 2014

    Tai Chi Graduation & Celebratory Lunch held for emember        on June 21st after last Sat Tai Chi Class of Spring Session        at Mandarin Restaurant, Burlington
    LEUNG's Yang Tai Chi to attend and demo at HRCCA 2014
       Annual Summer Picnic at Coronation Park, Okaville

    LEUNG's Yang Tai Chi group demo Tai Chi & QiGong
       at the Fit-in-Core Event at City Hall, Burlington
       this summer on Sunday August 3rd

    LEUNG's Yang Tai chi supports dancescape dancing
       programs & dance

    Tai Chi shirts with LEUNG's Tai Chi logo are available
       for order by members

    Traditional Yang Tai Chi Sword Class begins in
       Fall Session on every Monday from 11.15am to 12.15am

    Thank you for great response and support
       by Tai Chi members

    Will add an additional Friday & Saturday Sword Class
       if more interested imembers signing up

    Thank you for the great support that we received for this        Summer Plant Exchange Program
    Many members turned up and exchanged plants with        others. A good variety of plants were exchanged
    Future Plan - add evening & more Tai Chi/QiGong classes

For details, please visit our web page on NEWS & EVENTS

DON'T MISS our Summer

Welcome everyone, all age & levels

at Nelson Park, Burlington
in July & August 2014

Starting Date: Thursday July 3rd
Ending Date: Thursday August 28th

TWO classes per week on every
Monday & Thursday (weather permitting)

Starting Time: 9 am for about 1.5 hour

We practice the following:
  • Warm-up Exercises
  • 5 Elements & some Baduanjin & Yi Jin Jing QiGong
  • 24 Simplified Yang Tai Chi Form - or -
  • 85 Traditional Yang Tai Chi Form (if time allows)
  • 5 Animals (Wu Qin Xi) QiGong (if time allows)
Location at Nelson Park
4346 Longmoor Dr Burlington, ON L7L 2M5
Click HERE for map location

Please bring your chair & water/drink

Sep 2014 to Jan 2015

TAI CHI & QIGONG Lessons & Classes

Regular Tai Chi & QiGong classes at the club starts on the week of September 8th on Monday, Friday & Saturday a.m.

Tai Chi Straight Sword Classes starts September 8th on every Monday at 11.15 a.m. to 12.15 p.m

Registration & Sign-in
No pre-registion or advance payment is required. However
prior courtesy notification email or phone is welcome.

On the 1st week of the session, please arrive in the first 30 minutes' time before class for registration & payment.
starting from 2nd week of the session, arrive in the first 10 minutes' time before class for registration & payment.

Download Registration & Waiver Form
To save time at registration, please complete & make two copies of the Registration & Waiver Form (R&W Form) and bring them to class.
To download the
R&W Form, please click HERE

FREE DROP-IN Tai Chi & QiGong Lesson
Please drop in for ONE FREE LESSON at any one of our regular classes (Beginners & Level 1 Tai Chi & QiGong Classes)

For class times & details, please go to CLASSES & FEES
For class location & direction, please go to CONTACT US

Welcome Tai Chi & QiGong students and practitioners from
Burlington, Oakville, Waterdown, Milton, Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas, Stoney Creek, Mississauga & surrounding areas